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To Answer Your Training Questions

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To Answer Your Training Questions

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Jordan Halaseh

Australian National Player

GPP helped me reach a level I wouldn’t have imagined I’d reach this early in my career.

Bex Forth Solomon

Pro Ultimate Player | EuroStars

Such a great programme - efficient and detailed without being overwhelming and the coaches are ready to help when you need them!

Ben Dieter

Pro, Master’s and Mixed Ultimate Player

The results are the best I've had. on their program x 2 yrs. I'm 36 now. Won 2 world championships and felt great in the process.

Kelsie Sparks

Mixed Ultimate Player

I’ve been training with them for a year now, and feel stronger and faster than I’ve ever been in my life!

Jared Anderson

Men’s Ultimate Player

I recommend GPP because of the brains, science, and explanation they put into each exercise. I feel I know why I am training this specific way, and can easily explain it to a friend.


Gamepoint Performance offers a comprehensive program for your long term athletic development. No matter your level (beginner/advanced, young/old, healthy/injured), our dynamic model meets you where you are and provides the best guidance to navigate the complexities of training for sports performance. Our training model is research guided* and experience driven in order to always stay on the bleeding edge of improving anyone’s athletic capabilities indefinitely.

2-5 Workouts Each Week

Ranges between 2-5 workouts each week, depending on circumstances

Varied Workouts

Includes Strength/Power days, Conditioning Days, and Speed/Agility Days

Balanced Approach

Creates a balance between hard training and recovery to increase training frequency

Specialized Expertise

Utilizes our special expertise in movement, conditioning, and sprinting mechanics

Train Smart

Tapers towards increases in practice and competition

Injury Prevention

Aids in the management of common aches and pains and potential injuries



Choose your experience

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US Masters Closed US Youth Closed
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$17.99 month

  • Self-guided
  • Web-based platform, mobile friendly
  • Annual plan based on division & location
  • Automated & standardized training calendar
  • Limited Enrollment periods

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$21.99 month

  • Self-guided
  • Interactive iOS/Android mobile app
  • Annual training plan based on division & location
  • Automated & standardized training calendar
  • Limited Enrollment periods

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$34.99 month

  • Coached Guidance
  • Interactive iOS/Android mobile app
  • Coach-facilitated fully-customizable plan
  • Adaptable to complex scheduling constraints
  • Enrollment always open

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Upgrade your experience further

Team training, elite (one-on-one) training, and sports nutrition consultations

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Used By

Our Team

Team GPP has amassed a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience through continuing education and the coaching of thousands of athletes to peak levels. They are eager to work with you to help you achieve your goals.

Goose Helton GPP

Jonathan Helton

CEO | Founder | Goose

Tim Vo GPP

Tim Vothang

CTO | Founder

Chris Wicus GPP

Chris Wicus


Kaela Helto Coach

Kaela Helton

Editor, Coach

Michelle Landis Coach

Michelle Landis


Alyne Azucena Coach

Alyne Azucena


Antoine Davis Coach

Antoine Davis


Marc Huber Coach

Marc Huber


Diego Lorenzo Coach

Diego Lorenzo


Alex Jacoski Coach

Alex Jacoski


Why you should train with us

This membership site is a step-by-step guide through an entire training year for which multiple peaks and various levels of competition are accounted. The GamePoint Performance system has been built to develop athletes through multi-year training cycles with extensive insight of the physical demands of ultimate. No other performance training solution is even close, period.

Multi-year training

Train the right things at the right time of year. Long-term athletic development is our focus so year over year you can improve during every OffSeason, PreSeason, InSeason, and PostSeason.

Schedules for all seasons

Peak and peak again. Every season requires multiple peaks. We offer U.S. cycles for Youth, College, Club, Pro, & Masters as well as International options.

Leading edge programming

Built with deep knowledge of common compensation patterns and total athletic development. You can become more durable while simultaneously improving speed, jumping, & stamina.

Community and Social Learning

FB Groups with articulate feedback and supportive GPP comrades learning alongside you

High Quality Videos

Brief yet detailed videos impart the demo and knowledge you need to get the most out of that movement. The 3 HD camera angles + coaching makes execution of the exercises as intuitive as possible.


One-on-One relationships with our highly experienced coaches. Every coach has played elite ultimate as well as trained amatuer-pro athletes. They understand the challenges you face in your athletic ambitions.