2019 Club Offseason is Open for Registration

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Club Enrollment is OPEN! Experience the difference and own your athleticism this year. Speed, agility, strength, power, and conditioning – you can have it all.

After a period of the highest intensity and highest impact playing/loading (in/post season), the offseason provides a time to take a step back to allow the body to recover while intelligently maintaining those explosive/high intensity qualities. Emphasis is placed on reclaiming proper core positioning and joint mobility after the torques and twists of the sport have turned you into a compensatory mess. Lower impact conditioning methods are introduced to improve the cardiovascular system’s ability to supply tissues with oxygen and replenish energy stores. Training in the gym prioritizes technical proficiency and slower tempos to create an environment where you can really start to own your athleticism. Muscles, tendons, and ligaments are given the opportunity to remodel themselves through intelligent exposure to increasing loads. Explosive jumping and plyometric work will emphasize landing and deceleration mechanics to put provide stronger brakes. Sprinting form both an acceleration and top speed perspective will be dosed for optimal technical proficiency.

The name of the game here is reintroducing general training parameters to help create a robust system that will be able to accommodate for future training stresses at higher intensities as the yearly training cycle progresses.

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