3 Things to Improve Warm Up

Instead of mindlessly flopping around on a foam roller for 20 minutes, try and use the warm up period to address the underlying causes of stiffness in your body.  Rolling your muscles can certainly help to warm up your tissues and nervous system for movement, but should be limited to 5 minutes of targeted implementation.

Use the other 15 minutes to address the starting position of your joint segments and then build a progressive movement preparation sequence on top of that foundation.

Here are three big bang for your buck preparatory movements that check these boxes starting with position and progressing toward full ranges of athletic motion.  More comprehensive movement preparation sequences are available with your future membership. Give these three drills a try and get moving better faster.

All Fours
(perform 1 set of 5 breaths)

With this drill we are using core muscles that attach to our rib cage and pelvis to help align our shoulder and hip joints which will allow for better levels of mobility to be used with later warm up movements.

(perform 1 set of 5 repetitions)

The inchworm will force us to utilize the same core muscles as the all fours position but through a more dynamic movement that helps to release the commonly tight posterior muscles.

Spiderman Crawl with Rotation
(perform 1 set of 3 each side)

The final drill in this sequence will take our now well positioned hip and shoulder joints through many of the necessary movements to perform athletic actions.

Improve Your Warm Up
  • All Fours
  • Inchworm
  • Spiderman Crawl with Rotation


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