Why You Should Train with Us

Our coaches understand the rigors of the sport better than anyone. Our training plans are simple to implement. No other performance training solution is even close, period.

Year-round/Multi-year Training

Train the right things and the right time of year. Long-term athletic development is our focus so year over year you can improve during every phase.

Schedules for all Seasons

Peak and peak again. Every season requires multiple peaks. We offer the most tried and true cycles for High School, College, Club, Pro, Masters and more.

Leading Edge Programming

Built with deep knowledge of common compensation patterns and total athletic development. Become more durable while improving speed, jumping, & stamina.

(train) Smart

Clever programing takes into consideration logistics, saving you valuable time. No need to hog tons of gym equipment or endlessly move cones around a field.

High Quality Videos

Concise & informative high quality exercise videos impart the knowledge you need to get the most out of that movement. The 3 HD camera angles + coaching makes execution of the exercises as intuitive as possible.


Consultation appointments are available with our highly experienced coaches. Every coach has played elite ultimate as well as trained amatuer-pro athletes. They understand the challenges you face in your athletic ambitions.

About us

Our Coaches have played at every level and competed all over the world. They also relentlessly educate themselves on performance training techniques.

In our best effort to bring these techniques and methods to the greater community, we have created a membership website. This membership site is a step-by-step guide through an entire training year for which multiple peaks and various levels of competition are accounted. The GamePoint Performance system has been built to develop athletes through multi-year training cycles with extensive insight of the physical demands of ultimate.

Who We've Trained

College: UNC Pleiades, UNC Darkside, UVA Hydra, Pitt En Sabah Nur, Cal UGMO, Wisconsin Hodags
Club: AMP, Bent, Boneyard, Fury, Garden State, Molly Brown, PoNY, Revolver, Ring of Fire, SubZero, Voodoo
Pro: Chicago Wildfire, LA Aviators, NY Gridlock, SD Growlers, SJ Spider, Raleigh Flyers, Raleigh Radiance
International: Black Widows, Colony, Credo, Mamajuana, Ragnarok, Eurostars
Coaches: Bob Krier (Johnny, Bravo, Team USA), Jim Schoettler (Colorado Mamabird), Anthony Nunez (Columbia High School, Patrol, DEVYL YCC), Eileen Murray (NY Empire & Team USA), Andy Neilsen (Chicago Machine), Jonathan Nethercutt (UNC Darkside, TYUL Triforce), Mike DeNardis (UNC Darkside, Raleigh Flyers, Ring of Fire), David Allison (UVA Hydra, UNC Darkside, Raleigh Flyers, Ring of Fire), Bryan Jones (UConn, PoNY)
Players: Claire Chastain, Allan Laviolette, Opi Payne, Jimmy Mickle, Jesse Shofner, Khalif El-salaam, Lisa Pitcaithley, Antoine Davis, Bex Forth, Jonathan Nethercutt, Kaela Helton, Delrico Johnson, Dom Fontenette, Josh ‘Richter’ Ackley, Sarah Meckstroth, Pawel Janas, Cree Howard, Von Alanguilan, Bob Liu, Calise Cardenas, Goose Helton
Where Our Athletes Compete: Local leagues, Poultry Days, Fools Fest, Boracay Open, Kaimana, Lei-Out, CUT Camps, High School Series, YCC, Beach Nationals, College Series & National Championships, Club Series & National Championships, Pan-American Ultimate Championships, EUF Series, World Ultimate Club Championships, World Games, World Championships of Beach Ultimate, World Ultimate & Guts Championships

The Team

We are passionate coaches and players coalescing years of experience into GamePoint to deliver breakthrough solutions to athletes.

Jonathan Helton

CEO, Founder, Goose

Jonathan "Goose" Helton is a 2x AUDL MVP, 4x World Champ, Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach. Jonathan currently plays for SD Growlers and likely Santa Barbara Condors while living in California.

Tim Vothang

CTO, Founder

Handling all the filming, video editing, front and backend development. If you're seeing it on your screen, it's because of Tim. He currently plays for Oakland Park El Nino while living in Deerfield Beach Florida.

Chris Wicus

Director of Performance

Chris has dedicated a decade of his life to trying to understand the intricacies of how human physiology adapts in the context of sports performance. Chris played for Mamabird, Johnny Bravo, and two seasons in the MLU.

Antoine Davis

Assistant Coach

Antoine is obsessed finding the road to peak performance. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Human Nutrition, Foods & Exercise from Virginia Tech. He currently plays for Revolver and the Flamethrowers from San Francisco.

Kaela Helton

Editor, Assistant Coach

Kaela Helton née Jorgenson serves both as an assistant coach and as content editor for GPP. She is a graduate from UC Santa Barbara. Kaela currently plays for San Francisco Fury while living in California.

Marc Huber

Assistant Coach

Marc "Schlumpf" Huber primarily serves as a coach for our European market being himself a 3x Austrian National Champion. Schlumpf played for the Alleycats and Mechanix and currently lives in Austria.

Bob Liu

Editor, Content Creator

Bob refuses to submit a bio.

Michelle Landis

Assistant Coach

Michelle refuses to submit a bio.

Alyne Azucena

Assistant Coach

Alyne has played years at the national and international level of Ultimate. In 2019, she is captaining Union, a mixed club in Toronto. She loves helping new athletes learn to train and push their potential.




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