This is a space for more information on your training program and training concepts.  Warning: science may be discussed!

What equipment do I need?

Barbells, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Boxes, Bench, Cables for gym days.  Cones for field days. Conditioning equipment can be used: treadmill, stair mill, stationary fan bikes, sleds.  It can be advantageous to have access to a Yoga Block, Foam Roller, a Hex Bar, and a Safety Squat Bar.

What do the 2:3:1:0 numbers mean?

This is a tempo prescription of the exercise (E:I:C:R – Eccentric : Isometric : Concentric : Rest) This is important: the demo and coaching videos do NOT show the tempo aka EICR of the exercise as we prescribe in any Phase because we want these videos to be usable for a variety of tempos.
TLDR; don’t be fooled by demo vids and refer to the 
EICR explanation page.

Is there a difference between the phases?

Yes, each phase is progressive from previous phases. These differences can be positional, speed, rest, and velocity. More can be found in the Offseason, Preseason, In Season, and Postseason videos

Can I do this program if I have never worked out before?

Absolutely.  You may require a little more time listening to the cues in the videos, but the design of the program is intended for most training experience levels.

Can I switch around the days?

Yes.  The program is designed to help you get sufficient stimulus & recovery to make continual progress.  Here is a video describing how to troubleshoot your week.

Why total body days?

There are many reasons we don’t generally suggest breaking your gym days into upper body vs lower body or push vs pull days like a bodybuilder might.  One of the most important reasons is that you are an athlete requiring motor recruitment and coordination from several ‘systems’ simultaneously. Simply, you need your upper and lower body to perform as a unit on the field, so why train them to dissociate during workouts?  Don’t worry, you’ll still get abs 😉

What if I don’t have time to do the whole schedule every week?

We understand not every week will be a 5 day training week and that life, injuries, and sometimes discipline stand operate as stumbling blocks for the perfect training week.  For this reason we have built the 2-4 and 3-5 day tracks. In this video we offer some guidelines to maximizing your training week when you can’t get it all in.

I started the program and then stopped but I want to get started again. Do I start over?

This one can be fairly complicated.  Please reach out to us on the FB group or email so we can address your situation.

Can I do this program during my season?

If you couldn’t tell already, we have built your training year in a way to accommodate playing tournaments and having practices.  One thing we sometimes see is a need to drop training frequency during the time of year when practices and competition is prevalent.  We have made the 2 day version similar enough to the 5 day version so that you can regulate your training volume.

Why are some of the days so easy?

One of the most important facets of our training is balancing High and Low Intensity Days.  If you are experiencing High days that seem too easy, feel free to reach out to us on the FB group or by email.  Commonly this means you need to use more weight or your expectations are geared to a over-training model that we shy away from.  We know the dosing for the gym days, field days, and conditioning works for most athletes.

Will this make me better at my sport?

Playing ultimate makes you better at playing ultimate.  That said, greater athleticism and fitness certainly raises your on-field ceiling.

If I want to test my vertical jump, 40 time, or serpentine, when should I do that?

If you are in shape now, go test them now, even in you are rolling into your Offseason.  Test again when you reach your In Season.

If I want to test my conditioning, what should I do?

A beep test app is a good way to test conditioning.  A few versions can be found here:

What does tapering look like?

If you have a major competition on a weekend we generally advise cutting your volume by 1 set each exercise if possible.  Please hit us up on the FB Group or email if you have questions about your specific situation.